Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Week Twenty-Four

Dear People,

We had Zone Training yesterday that focused on using family-history in missionary work and they talked about the Korean genealogy keeping system. Apparently there is an organization that keeps track of the genealogy from ancient times and most homes will have a huge book called a Jokpo that has the whole record, but it's in Chinese characters for some reason so no one can read it.. I was feeling the Spirit of Elijah super intense and stuff. We don't get to work on our family history while we're out here, so do it for me and if I get back and don't seem excited about it, remind me that I was super excited about it on 17/3/13.

Yesterday we also had a Family Home Evening with the ward and Tommy and So-Yu-Ri both showed up! We taught the ward how to play Spoons and chair soccer. They loved it. I bore my testimony about FHE. I talked about how I have a really big family and through my whole life my parents were very diligent about having family home evening every single week. Even if we hadn't have had it I would probably still have a meaningful relationship with each member of my family, and each of them would probably  have found strong testimonies in the gospel, but because we had that foundation of learning together through FHE, I know that no one in my family will ever leave the church. We all love each other too much. The Spiritual ties that we grew up with are much more powerful glue than that regular family relationships.

After the Family Home Evening was over everyone was just sitting around the card tables eating fruit and talking. The members were talking to the investigators, everyone was happy, and I was overwhelmed once more by the Spirit and how divine this plan is. God puts so much trust in us to help his children find him. It's a one by one thing. I heard a quote once that salvation does not happen by congregation. That is so true. It's a individual process with each one of us through the help of our brothers and sisters.

So much great stuff is happening, I'm learning so much. The mission isn't supposed to be the best two years of my life, but it should be the best two years for my life, but it's kind of been the best time of my life. If anything after my mission is going to be better than this, sign me up. I'm not going to get sick of missionary work for a while.

I love y'all, be good, do family history work and stuff. Ok bye.

-Elder Brown

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