Monday, April 3, 2017

Week Twenty-Seven

Dear People,

Sorry I couldn't write last week, my house made elaborate plans to travel way out of the way for P-day and we predictably didn't make it home until 6:00. (I was against it from the beginning -  but no hard feelings)
I will be leaving my first area, Gunsan, tomorrow and transferring to a place called Gwanyang. I'm super excited. I've been really really happy for the last couple of days for some reason. Maybe it's just because winter is over and the flowers are blooming and I don't have to wear a coat. Sometimes I can't suppress a huge smile as I walk down the streets. I'm feeling good about the language and have gained a new passion for seeking the gift of tongues. 

I've been thinking a lot about a recent convert that all the missionaries are really close with. Even though he has really solid knowledge of the gospel, he has been struggling to come out to church and to keep some other basic commandments for the last few months and we've spent a lot of time with him. We joked about him being inactive, and light-heartedly urged him to do the basic stuff. Last week his grandpa suddenly passed away, and in the emotion of it, he turned to drinking. I know that if he had been doing the little things, that could have ended much differently. My testimony of the little things has really grown, and as a missionary I want to be sure to put sufficient emphasis on the little things like daily prayer, daily Book of Mormon reading, taking the sacrament every week, and doing family history work. These are the things that become the huge things when the hard times hit. 

The peace that comes from repentance is not a psychological discovery. Repentance is not just a behavior change from evil. Someone with immense will-power can turn their life around completely and have no desire to go back without actually repenting because the effect of sin is not removed completely until Jesus Christ is involved. 

I don't know how to start describing how much I love the gospel. It's the only thing I care about. If anyone has any doubts or has found an inconsistency with the gospel. Look harder. I look for an hour every day and I've developed some pretty keen study skills. The plan of happiness is perfect. There are no inconsistencies. Look harder, read Preach my Gospel chapter three it's pretty cool.

Page one of Preach My Gospel has a missionary's purpose: "Invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end."

In Chapter three lesson two, the purpose of Earth life is beautifully expressed: "Have joy and prepare to return to God's presence."

Christ paid the price for us to be able to stand with perfected bodies in the presence of the Father. It will happen no matter what, and for some that will be torture.

Our job right now is to prepare ourselves to be capable of remaining in that glorious presence forever. Everything we do and think can tie back to that.

I'm happy, I'm sorry I'm not writing more normal stuff like what I'm doing... but I'm still super new to this missionary thing and I feel really unorganized. I hoping to have it all under control by my year and a half mark. :D

Thank you for writing to me, I read all the emails and love them even if I don't respond, time is just so short. 

I love you all.

-Elder Brown

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