Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Week Thirty-Four

Dear People,

"The spiritual understanding you and I have been blessed to receive, and which has been confirmed as true in our hearts, simply cannot be given to another person. The tuition of diligence and learning by faith must be paid to obtain and personally “own” such knowledge. Only in this way can what is known in the mind be transformed into what is felt in the heart. Only in this way can a person move beyond relying upon the spiritual knowledge and experience of others and claim those blessings for himself or herself. Only in this way can we be spiritually prepared for what is coming. "
-Elder David A. Bednar (Seek Learning by Faith)

I wish with all my heart that I could somehow dump the things I believe on others and make them believe them and make them be happy because of it. I wish I could make others read the things I read or hear the things I hear and make it change them, but I learned this week that we will never find peace as we search for ways fix other people. We must not study things with the attitude of "I wish so and so would read this". Life will be peace-less turmoil until we recognize that God has a plan for the ones we love and he has a plan for us. We can humbly make an inventory of our own weaknesses and focus on overcoming them by approaching Christ.

There were two awesome broadcasts this week, one by Elder Stevenson about media and the church, and one by Kim B. Clark of the seventy about applying principles that Joseph Smith learned in early translation events to our lives now.

I should really write about Korea more... Korea is sweet. Korean is sweet. I'm going to take the challenge where you read a verse in English then in the mission language for the whole Book of Mormon and then you get fluent or something. 
We've got quite a few investigators right now actually; two of them have accepted soft baptismal commitments! I'll be sure to write about them as they progress. Stuff is going well, I'm really happy.

Elder Oaks is coming to visit our mission this friday! Korea is getting an unusual amount of attention from general authorities recently. We're so indulged. Pray for him to get the revelation that Korea needs right now. We're struggling.

I bear my testimony of Jesus Christ. His yoke is easy and His burden is light. As we obey His commandments we learn why he gave them to us and we learn the immensity of His love for us.

I love you and stuff,

-Elder Brown

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