Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Week Thirty-Two

Dear People,

I don't have much time because we are about to go do a sweet Zone soccer game. We all got matching jerseys with our names in Korean. They're sweet.

There is a coastal city way south called Yeosu where we did a district proselyting activity this week. Every year they have a huge festival celebrating Admiral Lee, a super famous war hero that lived down there, and there were thousands of people. We had sticker boards with the question "What is most important to you?" written on top and then a few categories where people could stick a sticker. Most people put their stickers under families or health which was the goal and we had a bunch of Word of Wisdom pamphlets to hand out. We told people we have a message focused on families and we got a bunch of phone number of people we can call later. One of the people who stopped at our poster lived in Gwangyang, my city, and he was also co-workers with basically our only investigator. He seems like pretty high potential.

Another miracle this week was on Sunday. We came a little bit later than we normally do and the members rushed us and were all like "There's an investigator here! She's golden! She was reading the Book of Mormon and came looking for us on her own!" That is something that just doesn't happen in Korea. I still don't understand all the details but apparently the church she is in is a really ghetto organization that sort of believes everything. . . maybe including the Book of Mormon. . . But either way she seems like a miracle.

Korean is still vicious but I would say my understanding is at 80% for street Korean and 90% for missionary Korean. I can say everything I want to say. It's been such a slow, discouraging process learning this language, but it's amazing looking back and seeing how far I've come.

I was on a split with one of my native Zone-leaders last night and as we were walking the streets, he talked to me about the struggles that the Korean church is going through. The Church is shrinking in Korea. His generation is bearing a ton of weight, Korean society does not like the church, everything seems to be against it. The members have it so hard, I can't blame them for wanting to move to the states, which many members do, but then the church in Korea doesn't grow. You all have so much to pray for, but if you remember, please pray for the members in Korea. They need help.

I love this work so much. I love you all so much. Do the little things, especially family history work, I went on family search a couple days ago and was super disappointed by the amount of information on there. Learn that site so well. You are the best you know.

-Elder Brown

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