Monday, October 9, 2017

Week Forty-Eight

Dear People,

I'm out of time once more.
A couple days ago we were in a trio with one of the Suncheon Elders on our way home from a proselyting activity in Yeosu and we met an American woman in the bus station from Ohio. She is doing some English teaching thing in Korea and we found out she lives in our area Gwangyang! Her major is some theological something but she knew almost nothing about the church, lucky for us we had a forty minute bus ride to talk about it. This was one of maybe three times I've been able to teach in English and even though I kind of failed saying the first vision she understood really well and is super interested in the message. She also has Korean learning interest so we got her number and we are going to meet again for sure. I'm so so grateful that we have the recently moved in Brother Youngs to potentially fellowship her.

The biggest thing I've relearned recently is that success as a missionary is such an internal thing. Even if I am getting all the results and all the baptisms, I will still be a failure if I know deep down that I didn't give the Lord my whole heart and mind. We will not be happy until we do so. According to PMG Chapter 4: "He is anxious to support you in your practical and specific challenges." God is desperate for us to be happy but until we give up our whole heart and mind we are in a state contrary to happiness. He won't force us.

I love you,

-Elder Brown

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