Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Week Twenty-Two

Dear People,

So transfer calls were last week and we were super expecting that my companion would transfer out of Gunsan, but he's staying, and I'm staying, and we got two new Elders! So Gunsan has leveled up to a two-team area. In other words, President Madsen/the Lord is expecting miracles out of Gunsan. My new companion is Elder Ulrich, he only has two transfers left so he's going pretty hard-core with missionary stuff, I'm super excited to work with him. The other new missionary, Elder Berezay, is fresh from the MTC, and he is super ripped. He helps me see how far I've come with the language, and is such an example of charity. He is so selfless and humble. This week was super stressful because we had to make accommodations for two new people and get a new phone and all sorts of garbage, but we are all set to set this next week on fire with spiritual flames. 

I haven't been feeling the Spirit during personal study for the last few days because I've been working on a Great Apostasy project, like studying all the events that happened from when Christ left, and I've also been reading the Book of Mormon just for the sake of knowing it really well. Yesterday I finally went back to doing what I'm supposed to do which is investigator centered study and studying what Preach My Gospel tells me to study, and I immediately felt the Spirit again. It's interesting how quickly we stray from the things we know are correct. As if once I know what I should be doing and why, I can justify not doing it because I understand the principle. Missionary work is so simple, Jesus Christ's gospel is so simple. Don't go beyond the mark. (or below it)

Also this family is awesome, I lost a rock paper scissors match so I had to eat some gnarly Korean bred peppers, the worst came after the video, everyone got silent all they were all actually scared for me because my eyes were super red. I feel like a real man now.

No one can describe how awesome a mission is. So good. So much growing. Six feet out of your comfort-zone for two years. So hard.

​The real missionary force behind Gunsan
​Elder Berezay's upper body.​

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