Monday, June 26, 2017

Week Thirty-Seven

Dear People,

I totally forgot it was Father's Day until I saw all the father themes on Shout out to my daddy-poo. I could talk about that guy forever. To all who didn't know him very well, he likes birds a lot. He's a pretty solid painter, and he's kind of obsessed with the ancient connections of Japan and Israel. Also he likes Calvin and Hobbes. He's also really spiritual and stuff. Yeah, that's a good overview I guess. 

I'm feeling the gift of tongues. There is so much power in reading the Book of Mormon in the mission language. When I am speaking I can see the words on the pages I read earlier. Korean is still super super hard but the foundation is set.

Miracle this week: Korean missionaries are notorious for keeping really bad records and so there was a certain record of a less-active member that moved like ten years ago and the record should have been destroyed but wasn't. Not knowing that she moved, we visited her house to find her whole family there. They had never broken the contract on their apartment and moved back after three years of living in Jeonju. We never would have known to find her if we hadn't had the record. God's hand in this work is so apparent.

Last week on a split with the Zone Leaders I was up in Jeonju and while waiting for the bus to take us home a happy-looking middle aged man walked by and asked "Are you from America?" I said yes and he nonchalantly responded "I'm from North Korea." and kept walking. I jumped up, stopped him and excitedly asked him how and when he got out. He came out through China somehow and has been here for less than a year. I told him we were missionaries and after looking at our nametags he proudly stated that he too believes in Jesus. I told him we have a very special message about Christ and he agreed to meet the missionaries in Jeonju. I'm excited to hear how that turns out. North Koreans have such a special feeling around them. That nation is going to implode once the gospel can be preached there.

I mentioned in my week 9 MTC email that I met a North Korean escapee and would probably write the story later. I'll write it next week, it's a good story.
Important truth I've been thinking about: If we ask, God will always tell us what we need to do to improve. The answer will always be clear and it will generally be something we really don't want to do, but no matter how hard it may seem to us, why shouldn't we do it? Why ignore the priceless gift of pure wisdom from our Father?

God lives. The Plan of Salvation is not a good idea or colored circles. It is our purpose. Find joy in living the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Church is true.

I love you,

-Elder Brown

Here are some pictures from our Buddhist temple trip a while ago.​
In this picture you can see part of one of the gold leafed massive statues that we weren't allowed to take pictures of.​

My Zone

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