Thursday, November 17, 2016

Week Five

Dear People,

Every p-day, two Elders have been spending the whole day preparing a shadow puppet show to give to the zone at the end of the day. I didn't go to their rendition of "Up" last week, but this week they performed the entirety of "Star Wars: A New Hope" They put a ridiculous amount of thought into it and had at least thirty very detailed shadow puppets of Star Wars characters. They even distributed little tickets to attend.

On Thursday, I had an intense fever, but I got over it pretty quickly. Being sick really helps you appreciate healthyness. We have to have regular trials and misery to remind us of our purpose. We need the bad to know the good, but that is not enough. We need constant reminders of what misery is. I can't wait for the "perfect knowledge of our enjoyment" we will have in the spirit world.

I was asked to be a Zone leader on Sunday, so now I'm a Zone leader which is really stressful because the last Zone leaders were really good and everyone loved them and I feel like I know nothing about the MTC. But I'll figure it out and grow a lot.

Sacrament meeting is awesome, everything is in Korean and after the Sacrament is administered one of the Branch presidency will randomly call two missionaries from the congregation to speak for 3-5 minutes, (In Korean of course). Everyone is supposed to have a talk prepared on the subject of the week, but most people take the risk to not prepare, and it's always those people who get chosen.

Gospel stuff:

The gospel is so simple. We are little babies. God is our father.

We are given simple instructions: Have faith, do what he says until we die.

My favorite scripture right now is the first sentence of 2 Nephi 2:5   "Men are instructed sufficiently that they know good from evil"

We know what we should be doing differently, so change.

Russel M. Nelson gave a devotional last night. 
It was soo good,​​ he talked about so much, it was like a general conference talk.

He mentioned how "God yearns for our honorable return home". I've been noticing a ton of similarities between this full time mission and our mission on Earth. I wonder if there was something similar to opening a mission call that happened pre-mortally. How exciting would it be to find out you would live on Earth! Christ's planet!  

I love the line in More Holiness Give Me Where it says "more longing for home" We are not home! We should not be comfy! Our time is short!  As a missionary, I should want to be here, but only because I have a specific purpose, and when it's done I should be excited to come home. I should not be happy just wandering around in Korea, eating cool food and learning Korean. If I'm not fulfilling my purpose, I may as well have stayed home. 

If we aren't fulfilling our purpose on Earth, we may as well have stayed home. Without bodies. Without knowledge of good and evil. Without Joy.

Study the Book of Mormon. I wish I had more time to study it now and I wish I had spent more time studying it before I left. Ten minutes a day seemed like a struggle, but now we get two hours and it feels like fifteen minutes. Ten minutes in the MTC is a joke. Time goes by so fast.


-Elder Brown

Here be some pictures: (Personal Study Time, Elder Myeong, Elder Lee, and Elder Partridge (who speaks five languages [six including the violin {He was home-schooled, but he's not awkward} ] and my cute little Korean scripture tabs.)​​​​ and the district singing a billion verses of Korean hymns. Don't sit through all of it. (I'm the one that can't hold still)

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