Thursday, November 17, 2016

Week Four

Dear People,

The MTC is dedicated. I am set apart. I am surrounded by hundreds of other set apart, consecrated beings. I got used to the feeling within the first two weeks. You forget that the name tags that everyone is wearing aren't normal. You forget feeling the spirit is a very difficult task in the world. I would say in real life, but "real life" is as far from real life as you can get. Elder Holland said that being a full time missionary and being an apostle are the two closest experiences we can have to real life.

On Suday after watching an MTC talk by Elder Bednar, Elder Elliot said: "The mission field is the MTC for life!" So true. Elder Bednar is the greatest. He immitated Cookie Monster really well in a talk. According to Elder Bednar, all of the apostles are really funny, but you rarely see it in Conference because they have to be declaring the lords will. General conference talks by apostles are equilivant to the Doctrine and Covenants. They are ALL Prophets, SEERS! and Revelators.

Three Elders are super into sports and get almost daily college football updates which they freak out about. It's funny.

So in Korean, there are three main ways of speaking that signify different levels of respect. We, of course, are learning the most respectful, most difficult "High Form". No one speaks this form on the streets, so we have to learn to speak in High Form, but understand middle form, and try not to mimic it in lessons.

The word for Elder (Janglo) is used to describe only the very old, very wise men in the culture, so when people see Janglo on our name-tags, based on our behavior people will either think: Why do these immature teens have the title Janglo? This church is weird... Or they will think: That's interesting, even these very young people in this church are respectful and wise enough to be called Janglo.

So the pressure's on.

-Elder Brown

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