Thursday, November 17, 2016

Week Seven (But Actually Eight)

Dear People,

Every Sunday we get to pick from a few old MTC devotional talks to watch. The most famous one that I've seen twice is "Character of Christ" by Elder Bednar:

Character: Moral qualities that are strongly developed, strikingly displayed, and consistently lived. 

The Christ's character is the polar opposite of the natural man. When the natural man would have us turn inward, the Character of Christ turns out in love and service to others.

As we strive to acquire Christ's Character, we will slowly be converted to him. 

A testimony is a knowledge of that Jesus Christ's gospel is true. A testimony is easy. With only a little bit of effort and humility, anyone can have this knowledge.

Conversion is constantly doing the things that you know are true. We are never done being converted.

the word "repent" needs a different name because it is way too closely associated with sin. Repenting is turning away from anything and towards God. When my investigators learn they need to read the Book of Mormon so they start doing it, they are turning closer to God (repenting). When we put just a tiny bit more effort into our study or prayers, we are repenting. 

When you repent each night, don't just apologize for doing the things you shouldn't have done that day, tell him what you are going to do more.

What is our Character? Or what quality about us is strikingly displayed?

Yesterday Sister Oh wrote on the board in regard to our mission: What did you offer to Him? What are you offering to Him now? What are you willing to offer Him?

This hit me hard because I've always felt confident that I would give my life to him instantly if he commanded it, but if that is true, why am I not doing the simple simple things like talking to construction workers, working my hardest, or speaking Korean constantly like I should be.

Speaking of construction workers, I finally manned up enough to approach two of them with my companion. I said "Excuse me, may I bear my testimony to you?"  The smiled super uncomfortably and stared at us for five full seconds before saying "Engles... Espanol amigos...." 
Elder Leithead came to the rescue by pointing at his Korean nametag and saying "In Korean?" They showed about as much recognition, so I just bore my testimony in Korean and left. Mission accomplished.

It's been good, I have twelve days left before Korea. I am so close to my district, I will probably be more district-sick than home sick.

The Korean word for hair directly translates to "head-fingers"


​-Brown 장로

The model with the dreadlocks is pre-mission Elder Leithead. He's a champion.

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